At Fire & Ice we have combined two hot new trends into one super cool restaurant that has something for everyone.  Everything is made to order, while you wait and while you watch.  No more wondering what’s happening back in the kitchen, we have our kitchen right out in the open.

Individual Thin Crust Artisan Pizzas – baked in our 500 degree stone fired pizza oven will have your pizza cooked to perfection right in front of your eyes!  Choose from one of our signature pizzas, or create your own signature pizza.  At 10 inches its big enough to share if you want, but you better get your own, cause they are so good you wont want to share!  Have a huge group we have 15 inch pizzas as well! We also have some pretty awesome sandwiches we bake in that hot oven and more!

For our Ice Cream, we use liquid nitrogen that is -320 degrees F to quickly freeze your made to order ice cream.  Start with our premium ice cream base, pick the toss in’s you want and watch us whip up your desired flavor combination or choose from one of our tried and true suggested flavors. Everyone loves the feel of the cold fog rolling off the counter as the nitrogen evaporates.  Kids think its magic, adults think its just plain cool and it literally is.

If you come in for a pizza, you’ll probably end up with some ice cream, and if you come in for some ice cream, you’ll probably be back for some pizza!  Either way your sure to enjoy!

Finally, we have one more unique characteristic that makes dining at our restaurant a real treat for the whole family.  With several game tables such as shuffle board, air hockey, fuse ball, and ping pong. Also have a indoor giant play house, and a mini soccer court. There is plenty of entertainment for our guests. And if you don’t have kids, don’t worry, we have something for you too, a big comfy couch, a big screen TV, free wi-fi, and don’t forget the awesome food and ice cream!

We the owners of this restaurant were trying to create the ultimate dining experience for families.  Parents get to enjoy really great food, and kids can have an enjoyable dining experience as well.  Parents don’t have to compromise on food for the sake of kids having fun, and kids don’t have to sit still and keep quiet while they wait for their food and listen to adult conversation.  Everyone wins and everyone leaves happy.  Although we have seen a few kids leaving in tears…. because they are having too much fun to go home.